An Arab Practical Joke.

Yes this may be old but we’ve only just discovered it thanks to our good friend Islam and thank the maker he turned us onto it because we haven’t stopped laughing since. This coupled with a conversation with him about his recent experiences in Cairo with his family and friends have convinced us that Arabs live for a good practical joke…only with the dial turned all the way up to eleven.

There’s an equally funny back story to this video which you can read below:

My cousin Ala sent this video to me. Ala is now married to Miriam bent Hfouf. Those who knew him from our high school in Jersey remember his infamous crazy glue prank..That was long time ago. He’s doing well know with Dubai Alkabedah.

OK, teenagers here have a few things in common with those of Hoboken and Orange County. They like to have a good laugh, crash parties and share crazy clips. But when Khalf said to Maroof and Bacheet he will bring his new friend to their Thursday night “lailet khamees” party, nobody even bothered to ask who that friend was “Sure, bring him in. Your friend is our friend AFA ALEEK ..”

Hmood who we see cornerized in the video pulled a prank a few weeks ago on Khalaf. He gave him the alias name Moza bint Hamad used in a matching website. Moza is legendary for her beauty and father’s wealth, which exceeds $4 billions including many real state icons in Dubai and London. Daughters of wealthy billionaires prefer online dating where they can keep their privacy. This has become very common in the UAE especially after Haya Bint Al Hussein got married to HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE. Many say the two first met online through a dating web site.

Khalaf started an online relationship with Moza and quickly the two decided to meet at a Starbucks in Al-Fujairah Trade Center. Poor Khalaf waited two hours before a veiled woman came in and sat in front of him. Khalaf was surprised because most women in the area don’t cover their faces. Setting patiently he started to notice she actually had facial hair and she was not afraid to show it while partially raising the veil to sip her mocha. It took Khalaf 30 minutes to realize he’s setting in front of his veiled friend Hmood.

I see why he would say he’s brining a friend to the party. Guys are lucky he didn’t say they’d have a blast.

(via That Night)

Nightmare Fuel: Insane Hungry Cats.

In the short 40 seconds it takes to watch this video nearly all of our fears are represented. Let’s run over the checklist, shall we?

1. Man with no trousers..

2. Man with no trousers in ill fitting off-white underpants.

3. Man with no trousers in ill fitting off-white underpants in black socks.

4. A gazillion hungry meowing cats.

5. Cats

Comedy Brawl At A Dolpin Pool.

There’s a lot going on in this video which claims to have been filmed in a dolphin pool in Russia but our sources tell us it’s more than likely the Ukraine…the Ukraine has a dolphin pool? Our local pool doesn’t even have a f@cking flume!

As you’ll see the video starts off with some drunken yahoo in the pool with the dolphin, he’s asked to get out and does so, assisted by a member of staff, then cue the security robots who enter the pool and simply start throwing punches…at everyone. Needless to say hilarity ensues with a comedy farce high-jinksesque fight which just had to happen considering that there was a pool of water nearby. We were waiting for the bit where Kramer slides in from a door to loud canned laughter.

Though this video does prove beyond doubt that the most intelligent mammals in the building were indeed the dolphins.