The Greatest Sports Pep Talk…Ever!

The good and rather committed people over at Screen Junkies have edited together a great little montage featuring some of the best and most famous inspirational locker room speeches in cinematic history. You can almost smell the deep heat and sweaty jock straps. Are you ready for this? I can’t hear you. Are you ready for this? Where’s the fire in the belly? Stoke that boiler and go out there and rip into that shower of shite! You can do it!

Which reminds us we’re off to watch Slap Shot again. Greatest sports film ever made.

The Kid Loves Them Candles!

As kids we all had that one thing we were totally obsessed with, but if this young man isn’t snatched up by Yankee Candle to represent the yoof market to encourage kids to buy up their product, then they are missing out on something great. Something else that’s great is their Bahama Breeze, which smells like Mojitos by the ocean, with a hint of tanning lotion, a slice of sexy water melon and sand covered flip flops. (via I Heart Chaos)

*We love how this kid calls his purchases his ‘haul’. The boy’s a candle pirate.*

New scent Colombian Cartel proved strangely addictive.

Drunk Andy Murray Fan Gurns On The News.

Following Andy Murray’s defeat in the Australian Open BBC’s Reporting Scotland decided to send a journalist to the player’s home town Dunblane, to gauge local reaction. Most people were in the local pub, having been there for most of the day watching the match and that’s where roving reporter Catriona Renton decided to conduct her live link. Big mistake.