Hail The Rise Of The Idiots

Here’s a compilation video from the folks over at College Humour which includes every ‘epic fail’ and act of sheer stupidity caught on film for the month of October. Who on earth cannot love the internet for tasty little treats like this?


McLovin Has Rhythm

There are three things about this video of a Boston Celtics fan going ape shit at half time over Bon Jovi’s Livin’ OnĀ  A Prayer, that we now realise.

1. We will never tire of watching this.

2. We’ll have a metric ton of whatever it is he is on.

3. We will never tire of watching this.

Attack The Block Viral?

This short video of two skateboarders witnessing the crash landing of what appears to be some sort of space craft has all the hallmarks of a promotional viral video. It’s been doing the rounds across the Internet and has most people mystified, but we here at HMS Friday think we’ve cracked it. We believe it’s a viral video for the soon to be released film Attack The Block directed by comedianĀ  Joe Cornish, (he of Adam and Joe Show fame).