Gas Explosion Caught On Film.

This incredible footage catches the moment a gas leak from a high pressure main ignites in a street in Philadelphia. The blast, which happened on Tuesday night killed a 19 year-old gas worker and seriously injured four others including a firefighter. Emergency services were apparently called to the scene before the explosion to fix a leaking gas main. For further details and the full story chart a course for NBC Philadelphia.

Not The Advert Skipper’s Pipes Had In Mind.

Me love the laco peep.

Sweet mother of pearl! What the f@ck are they feeding people over in Finland? This video of a rather unique looking gentleman literally working himself up into a lather over eating some licorice, is even more disturbing than that picture of an alien in the Louisiana woods, (see below). Apparently the young man is so excited over his Skipper Licorice Pipes, because just like candy cigarettes they are banned in Finland, that he cannot control his enormous nerdgasm for his big Finnish…sorry, couldn’t resist.

UPDATE: This is an actual protest video against the Finnish government for banning the sale of licorice pipes. How very militant.

By The Seat Of Their Salopettes!

Not much is known about this video which was shot in Svaneke Harbour, Denmark during a high storm. The yacht apparently had spent 26 hours at sea and out of a crew of nine Poles only one was an experienced sailor. As things got a little ropey on approach to the harbour entrance Poland’s answer to the ancient mariner took the helm and as you can see pulled off a daring and pretty impressive manoeuvre to get safely in. We would like to imagine he swigging from a full strength bottle of Żubrówka vodka while doing so.

Hail The Rise Of The Idiots

Here’s a compilation video from the folks over at College Humour which includes every ‘epic fail’ and act of sheer stupidity caught on film for the month of October. Who on earth cannot love the internet for tasty little treats like this?