Busty Woman Films GoPro Gym Session.

For many users of GoPro cameras the biggest challenge is coming up with original ways to use the equipment and record footage.

Now I’m not any exper,t but something leads me to believe this young lady, who filmed her entire gym routine with a GoPro camera, might have found a winning technique, even though her smile is giving me the creeps.

Lego Greenpeace – Everything Is NOT Awesome.

No matter what your views are on Greenpeace and the amazing work they do, you can’t deny this is clever.

A video which is bound to go viral depicting through the use of Lego the message that everything really isn’t awesome, especially for the wildlife and natural environment in the Arctic, thanks to recent oil drilling activities by Shell.

It’s a protest video aimed at highlighting the unsavoury partnership Lego currently has with oil company Shell in producing products emblazoned with it’s logo for kids. As they also explain:

We love LEGO. You love LEGO. Everyone loves LEGO.

But when LEGO’s halo effect is being used to sell propaganda to children, especially by an unethical corporation who are busy destroying the natural world our children will inherit, we have to do something.

Children’s imaginations are an unspoilt wilderness. Help us stop Shell polluting them by telling LEGO to stop selling Shell-branded bricks and kits today.

They even have a petition for you to sign if you feel strongly about this issue: http://grnpc.org/Ig0qP

I’m now torn as to what I find more upsetting, the decline of real-life wild animals or Lego ones.


The Thing: The Musical.

Yet another spoof movie musical from the same twisted minds, (www.jonandal.com) that brought us Conan: The Musical, Predator: The Musical and Silence Of The Lambs: The Musical, this time John Carpenter’s 80s cult, sci-fi classic The Thing gets the treatment.

Game Of Thrones 16 Bit RPG.

WARNING: If you haven’t watched the first series of HBO’s amazing fantasy saga Game Of Thrones then this funny little short might spoil some major plot points for you.

With that said this video from College Humour isn’t just a stroke of comedy genius, it’s also an inadvertent reminder of the fun we used to have playing 16 bit games back in the day. Everything these days is just so bleak and violent. Anyway we can’t wait for series 2, we hope there’s tons more incest, decapitations and mutilated corpses.

Thanks Slammer for the tip…just the tip!

Reality Hits You Hard Bro!

Achivement Unlocked: Gained Internet Fame.

The video above is a prime example of how the human race will respond every-time a camera is stuck in their face. It was inevitable with the rise of YouTube, viral videos and reality television. Everyone wants to be a great, big shining star.

Although maybe we should just express our selves like this all the time: “Bam! Phoom! Boom! Could you pass the salt please?”

Apparently he wasn’t content with giving just the one interview and God bless him he does that thing with the hat again.

Obsessive Gamer Is Upset About Diablo III


It’s amazing to us that people can get so animated and angry about the small trivial things in life but always keep schtum over the bigger issues.

That said this is a frightening example of where the human race is headed. WALL-E is starting to look like our generation’s 1984.

UPDATE: He was just fooling us all, he is in fact an educated, well spoken gentleman who just happens to like games, he actually has a host of videos where he appears as an angry gaming nerd with a lisp called Francis, he probably makes these videos to play up to the stereotypes of gamers and is in effect ‘trolling’ the ‘trolls’, that and the fact he’s trying to get more people to follow his videos on YouTube. In other words he’s a f@cking liar!

Crazy eHarmony Cat Lover Remix.

By now you’ve probably seen the video above of crazy cat lover Debbie who filmed herself for eHarmony online dating website and who went on an uncontrollable emotional rant about her undying devotion and obsession with cats. Of course thanks to news and media outlets across the land who refuse to report on real news her video became a ‘sensation‘.

It was, as we already suggested, a pile of horseshit and she was actually an actress trying to boost her profile, thanks to the debunking Pulitzer prise winning journalistic skills of Fox News. That said fun has definitely been had with the video by The Gregory Brothers who have songified the entire video something they previously did to great effect with the recent Charlie Sheen ‘winning‘ interview.

Jesus Christ how do we know this shit?