Eric Kelly May Be The Greatest Boxing Trainer In History.

If he isn’t then he has to be one of the funniest.

First impressions might lead you to assume that Mr Kelly is arrogant, rude and disrespectful towards the people who train at the Church Street Boxing Gym in New York where he works. But then you discover that those training there are  none other than Wall Street bankers and city traders which means Mr Kelly is well within rights to verbally abuse them. And with such flair too.

Protestor Holds Court In Wall Street

As the Occupy Wall Street protest in America continues a lot of media types, both here in the UK and America, have debated the reasons behind the protest, (see opinions which underscore ‘smelly, jobless hippies‘). We understood that the reason people took to Wall Street was simply down to the fact that three years ago those that worked there fucked the economy so hard that a global recession started and to date not one single banker has either been held responsible or been charged with negligence.

But of course it goes a lot deeper than that as the young man above, (who may be unemployed but is neither smelly or hippy-like), eloquently explains,