Luxembourg Tornado Footage.

Here’s some unbelievable footage taken from a parked car in a street in Pettingen, Luxembourg, of a tornado ripping through houses.

Yes this is a very rare occurrence and the media have used the term ‘unseasonal’ to describe this type of weather. A term which seems to cover a lot of unpredicatable and unusual weather patterns happening around the globe. If only there was some sort of explanation to all of this?

Thankfully nobody was killed although two were severely injured and 19 people were treated at hospial.

The Weather Channel Gave The Most Terrifying Forecast Yet

As Hurricane Florence slams into Carolina’s coastline The Weather Channel broadcast a truly terrifying, realistic forecast as to the dangerous potential the storm carries.

The graphics team who put this measured and highly effective demonstration of just how life threatening a Hurricane can be pushed the envelope in weather forecasting to amazing effect.

As you can see from the video below even three feet of water in urban areas causes absolute carnage. This kind of information saves lives, preparation is everything.

Massive Hail On A Serbian Beach.

The very last thing on the minds of these sun worshippers on a beach in Novosibirsk, Siberia, was the risk of being caught up in a vicious hail storm.

As Serbian swimmers enjoyed the heat of the sun on Saturday, with temperatures reaching 37c, on the banks of the Ob river the weather suddenly broke and hail the size of golf balls rained down.

Like a scene from a Hollywood apocalyptic movie the beach-goers were forced to rush for shelter with some receiving superficial bruising from the hail.

(via The Serbian Times)