Giant Human-Like Creatures Sighted At Mexican Volcano.

A mountain rescue team are claiming they witnessed 8ft high humanoid creatures scaling the slopes of the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico, quicker than is humanly possible.

Website Mysterious Universe has all the details, but in short the mountain rescue team’s claim is just one of many similar assertions of giant human like beings in the vicinity of the volcano, with sightings of UFOs leaving and entering the area.

(via Mysterious Universe)


Two More Mystery Holes Found In Siberia.

hole 3

With all the chaos and madness currently happening around the world there’s one story which doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, a story which has left geologists and scientists around the globe scratching their heads in puzzlement.

Last week we featured a story about the discovery of a large hole in Siberia, Russia, in an area known as ‘the end of the world.‘ Now it seems the mystery has widened as two more similar gigantic craters have been found, the first was discovered near the village of Antipayuta in the Taz district of Siberia with a diameter of 50 feet and it’s located a few hundred miles away from the first one.

Locals have given mixed accounts of the origins of the hole with some saying that the area was covered with smoke followed by a bright flash while other villagers, (probably drunk ones), have claimed that a ‘celestial body fell there.’ The second hole was found by herders near the village of Nosok, in the Krasnoyarsk region and looks similar to the other two.

The most alarming aspect of this story is that so far experts have been unable to offer up an explanation of their origins, only that they’ve ruled out that they’re man-made.


Is There A Pyramid On Asteroid 1999-RQ36?

There appears to be a large pyramid structure on the surface of a nearby asteroid and NASA might be embarking on a mission to check it out.

Excellent website Mysterious Universe is reporting, along with other sites, that a recent video, (watch above), apparently showing the pyramid structure on asteroid 1999-RQ36 taken by the Indian Space Research Organization has created quite an excitement.

Why? Well the asteroid iN question was discovered back in 1999 and has been outlined to possibly impact earth between 2169 and 2199. Not wanting to waste time NASA organised a mission to land on the asteroid to obtain rock samples in 2018 and to return to Earth with their samples in 2023. Now after the release of the footage above many are theorising that the real mission is to check out what the mysterious pyramid shaped structure on it’s surface could be. What makes things even more mysterious is that neither NASA or the Indian Space Research Organization have acknowledged or confirmed that a foreign structure appears to be on the asteroid’s surface.

(via Mysterious Universe)

Large Hairless Rodent Invades Woman’s House.

How about this for a healthy dose of nightmare fuel. The creature pictured above was caught on camera by the granddaughter of a terrified women in Rochester who claims the beast has plagued her for the last two years.

Rose Byrd alleges that this rodent like creature has been living under her porch, digging holes around her garden and she also believes that the animal has dug a tunnel through the walls of her home. She states that she can hear the animal at night and is so frightened by it’s presence she is scared to go into parts of her home.

Apparently a biology professor from the University of Rochester has tried to capture the beast for further study but has so far failed. The common theory is that the creature is a rare hairless groundhog. For more information on this hellish story chart a course for HERE.


Holy Shnikes! It’s A Dog-Sheep.

The above picture is of the world’s first official hybrid dog-sheep, dogeep, sheeog, sheep-dog.

Although authorities have cocked their leg and pissed scorn over such a claim it has been reported that this animal was born in China and was dicovered by farmer Liu Naiying who explained:

‘I was herding the sheep, and saw a sheep licking her newborn lamb on the grassland. The lamb was still wet.

‘When I went up close to check on the lamb I was shocked because it looked so weird, like a cross between a sheep and a dog.’

(via American Monsters)

Begad! Hunter Snaps Strange Creature On Camera.

Set kecks to scarecited! This image, which has fascinated the entire crew here, was allegedly taken by an anonymous hunter in Louisiana. He wants to remain anonymous for fear of people claiming that he’s a hoaxer. Apparently this humanoid lurker of a creature was snapped by the hunter’s deer camera which was set up on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City. The hunter claims that when he went to retrieve the camera the next morning he found it, along with his hide, in pieces. He took what was left of his camera home and managed to  download the pictures to his computer before screaming so loudly his trousers flew across his sitting room. This image has been burning up the Internet over the last few days and it could be one of three things:

1. A viral promotional picture of a Grim, for the up and coming PS3 alien invasion game Resistance 3.

2. A viral promotional still from the up and coming Steven Spielberg/JJ Abrams alien movie Super 8.

3. It’s real. Anyone want to buy a five man tent and some sleeping bags? We have no further use for them…ever!

N.B. Here’s a video of what some people online are claiming is the same hoax, a video taken by some hunters in Spain who claim they accidentally came a cross a similar looking creature in the woods.