Kidnapped Girl Video Is A Hoax After Internet Goes Ballistic!

There a numerous websites reporting a story today about a certain video resurfacing on the internet, after seven years of obscurity, which might be connected to the disappearance of a young woman in Wisconsin.

The video shows a young man addressing the camera talking to someone called ‘Walter’, about his recent shopping experience with a girl at J.C. Penny. The video then cuts to the young man opening a basement door where a bound female can be seen lying on the floor, behind the door screaming for help.

There’s no doubt the video is highly disturbing and has been subjected to recent scrutiny by police and the FBI as a possible lead in connection with the August 2009 disappearance of a 15-year-old girl named Kayla Berg in Antigo, Wisconsin.

Only problem is the video was staged by both the male and female who have posted various different videos on YouTube over the years. Word obviously got back to them about their rarely seen film and they immediately posted a message of apology on their YouTube channel.


Animator Re-Creates Simpsons Intro Into Pure Nightmare Fuel.

The Simpsons has been on air now for 25 years and to celebrate such an achievement for an animated show one artist has created his very own version of the iconic opening credits.

Yoann Hervo has put together what can only be described as a subversive nightmare by transforming the usual light and breezy intro to The Simpsons and turning it into an 80s, VHS themed apocalypse, which fits perfectly for this time of year.




Exorcism Video Now Confirmed As ‘Authentic’ By Catholic Church.

The Daily Express posted the above footage online claiming that it shows an actual exorcism filmed in a Roman Catholic church in the Czech Republic. The video isn’t the best as it was recorded through the church keyhole and the main action is occurring a fair distance away.

What is clear is the audio and there’s a fair amount of screaming and yelling by a young woman who appears to have been possessed by an evil spirit, as clergymen around her attempt to exorcise her demon.

The strangest part of this footage is that the Roman Catholic Church have now confirmed the video to be authentic.