Thor: The Whisky.


This is in fact real and not some tacky marketing ploy by a Hollywood studio to promote a sequel to a particular super hero movie. Whisky manufacturer Highland Park has produced this exquisite looking bottle with Viking long-ship themed presentation case to launch their Valhalla Collection, apparently another three Nordic God themed whiskies are to follow in the next three years.

In the mean time Thor is a 16 year-old single malt and has an ABV, (Alcohol By Volume) of 52.1%. According to Highland Park’s official website Thor Whisky has the following tasting notes:

 Thor’s high strength grabs the palate and refuses to let go. Initially dry, with fiery gingerbread then vanilla, blackberries, fresh mango, peach and hints of cinnamon. As its big flavours swirl around the mouth, some softer, sweeter notes develop, giving Thor and unexpected layer of complexity and depth. The finish thunders on, leaving behind lingering notes of sweet vanilla and an intense spiciness.

By the baw hairs of Loki, this is water of fire!