Avast! Trailer For Anchorman 2.

Here’s the second official trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. If they release any more I will be making a point of avoiding them. There’s something about trailers for movies these days which reveal way more than they really should.

Anchorman 2 is set for release on the UK shores on December 20th.

Afternoon Dubloons – Links In Brief(s).

Stuff which what we found interestin’.

Some nutcase Billionaire wants to open up a Jurassic Park styled theme park but with real Dino DNA – (Slash Film)

Dan Akyroyd has confirmed Bill Murray defintely won’t be in Ghostbusters 3 (SPR&R)

Geeks Of Doom have a great pre-order deal on exclusive vinyl Hypno Toad figures – (Geeks Of Doom)

All pro swimmers take a whizz in the pool. Male and female swimmers empty their bladders during competitions regularly – (Geek O System)

Due to the long running drought in America half of U.S counties have now been declared ‘disaster zones’ – (Yahoo News)

The Vatican could be rocked by scandal due to incriminating documents leaked by the former Head Of The Vatican Bank – (RT News)

Wedding Crashers duo Vince Vaughn and Own Wilson team up for another movie along with yet another role for Will Ferrell – (First Showing)

U.S female footballer ASlex Morgan introduced her knee to the coupon of the female New Zealand Goalkeeper. Sweet Jesus that’s going to leave a mark – (Deadspin)

Kenny F**king Powers Is Back!

When the third series of Eastbound & Down ended earlier this year it was assumed the hit show starring Danny Mcbride had finished for good. But, keeping in mind that golden rule about assuming nothing when it comes to the world of TV, HBO officially announced today that the series will now return for a surprise fourth season for only eight episodes, which will be broadcast next year.

Mcbride and show co-creator Jody Hill have always maintained that they had no intention of ‘stringing‘ the series out and just last year Hill suggested that a trilogy of seasons seemed like the most natural way to conclude the story of Kenny Powers. Without going into any spoilers the end of series three pretty much neatly wrapped things up for the chaotic baseball pitcher, but when you’ve got a hit series on your hands, high ratings, a solid fanbase and the possibility of making even more money, why say no.




Yet Another Trailer For Series 3 Of Eastbound & Down.

The newest series of the hit black comedy Eastbound & Down is set to be broadcast in the States on February 19th, so expect it to pop up on British TV soon after.

What we do know is that Kenny ‘f@cking’ Powers is back on American terrafirma after his last adventure down in Mexico. This time he’s managed to find himself a place on a baseball team in Southern Carolina called the Myrtle Beach Mermen and has a new best friend Shane, played by Jason Sudeikis, (Hall Pass, Horrible Bosses), and Will Ferrell and Matthew McConaughey will reprise their roles from previous seasons.

We can feel the excitement building…we can feel it all the way down to our plums…gettin’ all swollen with a light blue hue to them!

Avast! Trailer For Will Ferrell’s ‘Casa de Mi Padre’.

We reported this a while back when the first teaser trailer for this film was released online but here’s a full official version for the film Casa de Mi Padre, or House Of My Father if you can’t speak Spanish and are too lazy to look up the translation.

Starring Will Ferrell, Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna and a smoking hot Genesis Rodriguez, this Spanish language comedy is directed by Matt Piedmont who was a writer on Saturday Night live and the plot rattles along like so:

Armando Alvarez, (Ferrell), has lived and worked on his father’s ranch in Mexico his entire life. When he encounters financial difficulties, Armando’s younger brother Raul shows up with his new fiancé. But when Armando falls for Sonia, all hell breaks loose as they find themselves in a war with Mexico’s most feared drug lord.


Avast! Trailer For Will Ferrell’s Casa de mi Padre

Legendary funny man Will Ferrell stars in this Spanish language film which looks like freshly baked awesome cakes. Directed by Matt Piedmont and produced by Ferrell’s company Gary Sanchez Productions Casa de mi Padre, (which translated in English means House Of My Father), official synopsis explains:

Armando Alvarez has lived and worked on his father’s ranch in Mexico his entire life. When he encounters financial difficulties, Armando’s younger brother Raul shows up with his new fiancé. But when Armando falls for Sonia, all hell breaks loose as they find themselves in a war with Mexico’s most feared drug lord.

If you still aren’t tempted by the juciy, spicy, latin fruits of this movie then just take a butchers at the film’s outrageous special effects:


When David Brent Met Michael Scott.


Blink and you may literally miss it but this is the short, yet rather *telehistoric scene from the American version of The Office, where David Brent, (Ricky Gervais), finally crosses paths with Michael Scott, (Steve Carell). Apparently Scott is to be written out of The Office altogether but not without a suitable bang as Will Ferrell has committed to a four episode arc in the final throws of the current and ultimate season. Apparently Ferrell is a huge fan of the American series and wanted to be included as a far more inappropriate and offensive character than Scott.

*There is so no such word as telehistoric so we’re making it official right now by claiming it as our own. In your word filled face dictionary.

When two morons collide.

Doubloons! Links From The Briny Deep.

We scour the salty depths of the internet on a daily basis to find hidden treasures. Then we hoist the sails and chart a course for home laden down with all the best pop culture links we could find. Here’s today’s:


Canoeing through a flooded MacDonalds (via Break).

Footage of a 1950s housewife tripping out on LSD (via The Smoking Jacket).

Will Ferrell is making a movie entirely in Spanish (via Film Drunk).

John Carpenter’s new movie The Ward gets a review (via Hey U Guys).

A collection of Leonardo DiCaprio’s greatest freak outs (via Total Film)

Paul Daniels’ wig for sale on Ebay (via Anorak News)

Playboy’s complete interview with Martin Luther King from 1965 (via Playboy)

Jennifer Aniston’s Allure magazine shoot. Criticised for trying too hard (via Holy Moly)

Shit faced actress is denied access to Golden Globes after party, falls and busts out a titty (via TMZ)

Ferrell And Reilly Sing Little Drummer Boy.


It goes without saying that watching Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly performing together in anything will always merit our attention. Here the comedy duo team up for their special festive cover version of the classic David Bowie and Bing Crosby song Little Drummer Boy. If there’s any justice in this crazy, mixed up world, this will knock that X Factor pleb off the number one spot this year.

The air between them is thick with sexual tension.