Doubloons! Links From The Briny Deep.

We scour the salty depths of the internet on a daily basis to find hidden treasures. Then we hoist the sails and chart a course for home laden down with all the best pop culture links we could find. Here’s today’s:

Canoeing through a flooded MacDonalds (via Break).

Footage of a 1950s housewife tripping out on LSD (via The Smoking Jacket).

Will Ferrell is making a movie entirely in Spanish (via Film Drunk).

John Carpenter’s new movie The Ward gets a review (via Hey U Guys).

A collection of Leonardo DiCaprio’s greatest freak outs (via Total Film)

Paul Daniels’ wig for sale on Ebay (via Anorak News)

Playboy’s complete interview with Martin Luther King from 1965 (via Playboy)

Jennifer Aniston’s Allure magazine shoot. Criticised for trying too hard (via Holy Moly)

Shit faced actress is denied access to Golden Globes after party, falls and busts out a titty (via TMZ)

Ferrell And Reilly Sing Little Drummer Boy.

It goes without saying that watching Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly performing together in anything will always merit our attention. Here the comedy duo team up for their special festive cover version of the classic David Bowie and Bing Crosby song Little Drummer Boy. If there’s any justice in this crazy, mixed up world, this will knock that X Factor pleb off the number one spot this year.

The air between them is thick with sexual tension.