Disney’s Ballad Of Nessie Reeks Of Stereotypes.

Red hair? Check. Kilts? Check. Tartan scarves? Check. Bagpipes? Check. Tired use of every Scottish stereotype known to man? Check.

That’s right folks Disney’s new animated feature is set in Scotland and not since the advent of this prick:

has there been so many Scottish stereotypes tightly crammed into one cartoon feature.

Apparently The Ballad Of Nessie is a short film which will be shown before their updated version of Winnie The Pooh which is set to open in theatres in July. The official synopsis for the animated feature, which is to be narrated by Harry Lauder Billy Connolly is as follows:

Set in the ‘bonny blue highlands’ of Scotland, The Ballad of Nessie is a whimsical and colorful tall tale about the friendly Loch Ness monster, Nessie, and how she (and her best friend, the rubber duck MacQuack) came to live in the moor they now call home. Setting the adventure into motion is a greedy land developer named MacFroogle, who decides to build a mini-golf empire on top of Nessie’s home.

See what Disney did? Changed Scrooge for MacFroogle, oh those drawy types are clever aren’t they? We would have preferred it if the character’s name was something a little more subtle, like MacTightbastard.

Via (Slash Film)