TikTok Video Shows Robbery Of Pub Fruit Machine In Front Of Customers.

There’s bold and then there’s brazen…and then there’s this.

Here’s a video, uploaded recently to TikTok, showing a young guy publicly robbing a fruit machine in a busy pub, while customers just sat and watched. The biggest take-away from this short video is just how many people allowed this to happen and didn’t intervene or even shout at the guy. Y’know they’re the same folk who usually mouth off ‘If I had been there it would’ve been a different story lad.’

They did nothing!

Online Debate Rages Over Authenticity Of Wuhan Wailing Video.

There’s a ton of fake and doctored videos online about the current state of affairs in Wuhan and China, concerning the recent troubling outbreak of the coronavirus.

A lot of twisted and sick people have been deliberately creating content depicting disturbing and frightening scenarios that claim to have been filmed in China, which have turned out to be completely bogus. It is the Internet after all and trolling is to be expected, but one video doing the rounds currently has yet to be confirmed as fake.

Posted on YouTube two days ago it shows footage of part of Wuhan’s district at night, the person filming is narrating and subtitles have been added. As he films from his flat window, over the neighbourhood, wailing, shouting and screaming can be heard. The explanation for the sounds is that those residents who have been quarantined in their own homes, are losing their minds and can’t take it anymore.

It’s been a full 48 hours since this video was uploaded and yet nobody throughout various online forums can confirm that it’s fake. What is interesting is that a similar video cropped up in January which seems to corroborate that the night wailing has been going on for some time. You can clearly hear similar sounds at the beginning of the video, before the man filming breaks into song, trying to boost morale by singing the national anthem. Some residents duly respond.

If this video is genuine then it’s truly terrifying, obviously not just for viewers but for those poor Wuhan residents locked up in their own homes.

Bright Flash In The Night Sky Over Scotland.

Early last night reports started to reach various news outlets in Scotland that a bright flash had lit up the night sky over Aberdeen, which was followed by a loud rumble.

Various dash cams caught the flash on film and the general consensus at this stage is that it was caused by an exploding meteor and not wee Wille MacKenzie sparking up 20 Benson & Hedges at once in his mouth for a bet.


Footage Of A Ghost Chasing A Car In Blackburn.

Here’s a video of an alleged ghost preventing a car from passing on a rural road in Blackburn. The ghost is supposed to be that of a monk who was murdered there 372 years ago this month.

Does this look like a fake? Yes it does, except the terror expressed by the two men in the car actually seems genuine as they shriek “Move the car backwards,” and “Faster! Faster!” in Arabic. One of the men even starts to cry.

Summertime Is Great By Three Beat Slide Will Melt Your Brain.

Contrary to your initial reaction this isn’t a parody or a spoof, it is in fact 100% genuine. Sit back and enjoy this amazing tune by Spanish family trio Three Beat Slide with their Internet hit Summertime Is Great.

I was going to write something sarcastic or cynical but decided against it because there will be legions of arseholes on the Internet who will do just that. Is this song as annoying as Rebecca Black’s Friday? Yes, probably more so but at least they’re enjoying themselves. If their only crime in life is to produce substandard music which everyone will delight in ripping apart, then I say more power to them. They’re happy, you’re not. Live with it!