Did Google Earth Capture The Kraken?

Google Earth is an amazing application and it’s used by enthusiasts all over the world who spend hours, days, weeks and months scouring our planet for the weird and wonderful.

Many are now claiming that a mythical sea creature, just like The Kraken, may have been captured by Google in the Southern Ocean. The video above shows you that by entering a set of coordinates, (63° 2’56.73″S 60°57’32.38″W),  into Google Earth you will sea what appears to be a massive unidentified object breaking the water’s surface. Many are theorising that it could be a gigantic squid just like The Kraken.

Or it could just be a cluster of rocks.


US Teacher Poses Maths Questions About Picking Cotton And Beating Slaves.

Like our Grandfather used to say: ‘Never underestimate the stupidity of people.’

An investigation has been launched by Gwinett County Schools in Georgia, (story becomes less surprising following that information), after some mouth breather with a teaching qualification thought it would be a good idea to pose the above featured homework maths problems for students. Of course being 2012, the year of pushing the envelope, the teacher responsible used this opportunity to ‘reinforce social studies lessons through maths‘ which is why slavery and racial beatings naturally became the main themes.

What’s interesting is that at no point so far in the investigation has there been any talk of the teacher either being fired or suspended.

(via WSBTV and The Daily What)