Sneaky Footage From The WWZ Set In Glasgow.

A friend of ours was lucky enough to bag himself a gig as an extra on the set of Brad Pitt’s new film World War Z, based on the best selling book by Max Brooks, while it was being shot in Glasgow.

He explained that a large Hollywood production with hundreds of extras, stuntmen, helicopters and zombies made for a very entertaining couple of days on set. But before he started work he had to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that he wouldn’t talk about the film online or take footage or pictures while on set and although he duly observed this rule to the letter it didn’t stop those people who worked in overlooking offices and apartments to capture the shoot on video as demonstrated above.

He also advised us to ignore all the fanboy chatter over the alleged plot changes from the book, he assured us that from the scenes he took part in and watched this movie will definitely be worth the wait.