Is Zack Snyder Doing A Star Wars Seven Samurai Movie.

In news which pretty much surprised the entire geek orientated Internet community it appears film director Zack Snyder may be getting to ready to helm a spin-off Star Wars movie, based upon Akira Kurosawa’s classic Seven Samurai.

Of course like all good Internet rumours Snyder has since denied the claim which was posted by Vulture yesterday. The article alleged that the movie would be a stand alone effort, separate from the future next three episodes of the franchise, and be based upon the 1954 movie where the Samurai would be replaced by Jedi Knights.

It’s common knowledge that George Lucas has been a life-long fan of Seven Samurai, so this story does have a shred of legitimacy even though Snyder is denying the news…for now.

Henry Cavill As The Man Of Steel.

The above image is the first official look at Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder’s new movie ‘Man Of Steel‘. No offence to Henry but he looks a tad mature in this picture which annoys us greatly considering the main reason John Hamm wasn’t picked for the role, (which let’s face it he was born to play), was down to the fact that he was too old. Cavill, (28), looks like a thirty-something Man Of Steel, Hamm has just turned 40. Great work Hollywood!

Avast! Sucker Punch Trailer

Sweet Jesus Cinnamon Tits! The trailer above for Zack Snyder’s latest film Sucker Punch, (he of 300 and Watchmen fame), should come with a health warning as it’s covered in so much delicious awesome sauce. The basic plot revolves around a young girl who is forced into a mental institution where she and four friends attempt to escape…through their imagination. That last part, about freeing your mind to truly escape, may be a bit of a sticking point but when your lead characters look like Halloween cos-play hotties and you have a huge-normous dragon and zombie Kaiser soldiers in your film who really gives a shit about a plot?

If you want to know more about Sucker Punch then chart a course for the film’s main website HERE.